Table 5.

Adjusted associations between Lp(a) concentration (nmol/L) and ASCVD events, by adjustment groupa

Adjustment GroupModel (N)CVD Events (N)Median Lp(a) Models Lp(a) ≥ 52.5 nmol/L versus Lp(a) < 52.5 nmol/L90th Percentile Lp(a) Models Lp(a) ≥ 206 nmol/L versus Lp(a) < 206 nmol/L
Group 1b8332971.31(1.03 to 1.65)0.031.64(1.17 to 2.31)0.004
Group 2c8322961.25(0.99 to 1.58)0.071.51(1.07 to 2.14)0.02
Group 3d7312621.38(1.06 to 1.79)0.021.89(1.30 to 2.75)0.001
Group 4e6752421.44(1.09 to 1.90)0.011.89(1.27 to 2.79)0.002
Group 4+CRP6602381.37(1.03 to 1.82)0.031.88(1.25 to 2.81)0.002
  • a CI, confidence interval; CRP, C-reactive protein.

  • b Adjusted for age, race (black, white, other), gender, and dialysis modality.

  • c Adjusted for group 1 and baseline CVD, comorbidity score, and cause of renal disease.

  • d Adjusted for group 2 and total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol quartile, smoking status, and systolic BP quartile.

  • e Adjusted for group 3 and albumin, creatinine, and body mass index quartiles.