Table 2.

OR of developing CKD over 9 years of follow-up by presence or absence of the metabolic syndromea

CKD (n [%])OR (95% CI)
Metabolic Syndrome AbsentMetabolic Syndrome PresentUnadjustedAge, Gender, and Race AdjustedMultivariable Adjusted
eGFR <60 ml/min per 1.73 m2484(6%)207(10%)1.69(1.42 to 2.00)1.53(1.29 to 1.82)1.43(1.18 to 1.73)
Elevated serum creatinine104(1%)52(3%)1.92(1.37 to 2.68)1.83(1.30 to 2.57)1.60(1.11 to 2.30)
  • a Elevated serum creatinine for men ≥1.5 mg/dl and for women ≥1.2 mg/dl. Multivariable models adjusted for age, gender, race, education, BMI, alcohol and tobacco use, coronary heart disease, and physical activity. For eGFR model, LR χ2 = 406.5, P < 0.001. For serum creatinine model, LR χ2 = 115.6, P < 0.001. OR, odds ratio; CKD, chronic kidney disease; CI, confidence interval.