Table 2.

Risk ratios for hospitalization (unadjusted)a

Hospitalization TypeAnnual Event RateRisk RatioP Value
ConventionalCrit-LineEstimate95% CI
Non–access-related0.77 (81)1.15 (120)1.491.07 to 2.080.017
    cardiovascular0.21 (22)0.31 (32)1.470.94 to 2.290.088
    other0.56 (59)0.84 (88)1.501.06 to 2.140.022
Access-related0.26 (27)0.36 (38)1.420.93 to 2.160.10
  • a After the database was locked, it was discovered that the treatment group for one patient had not been recorded. This patient had been assigned to the conventional monitoring group and was included in that group for all analyses presented in this article. Another patient had been coded incorrectly as being monitored by the Crit-Line device; the patient was treated as part of the conventional monitoring group. The results contained in this table reflect the patient as receiving conventional care (as treated). Analysis performed on the database as it was locked demonstrate a relative risk (RR) of 1.51 (P = 0.014) for non–access-related hospitalizations and 1.71 (P = 0.013) for access-related hospitalizations. CI, confidence interval.