Table 4.

Comparison of changes in secondary outcomes during trial between treatment groups

Crit-Line MonitoringConventional MonitoringP Value
Difference between pre- and postdialysis BP
Estimated dry weight−0.22−0.0240.97
Cardiothoracic ratio0.0170.0120.51
Phase angle0.000188−0.0000150.67
Lean body mass0.140.210.86
No. of antihypertensive medications
    −23 (1.5%)5 (2.5%)0.80
    −130 (15.4%)27 (13.7%)
    0128 (65.6%)129 (65.5%)
    128 (14.4%)28 (14.2%)
    26 (3.1%)8 (4.1%)
Dialysis-related complicationsa0.150.140.41
Intradialytic episodes of cramping, dizziness, or nauseaa0.110.110.86
Hypotensive episodesa0.070.060.48
Use of intradialytic medicationsa0.090.090.80
Prescription of cool dialysatea0.020.020.77
Prescription of sodium modelinga0.170.170.98
Delayed discharge from the dialysis unita0.010.010.54
Unscheduled dialysis treatmentsa0.0030.0030.66
Hypoxemic episodesa0.330.00020.16
  • a Expressed as total number divided by the number of patient-days at risk.