Table 1.

Classification and typical performance of hemodialysis membranes with respect to protein permeabilitya

Water Permeabilityb (ml/h per mmHg/m2)β2-Microglobulin Clearancec (ml/min)Albumin Lossd (g)Sieving CoefficientApplication
Low-flux<6 <1000HD
High-flux20 to 4020 to 40<0.50.7 to 0.8<0.001HD, HDF, HF
Protein-leaking>40>802–60.9 to 1.00.01 to 0.03HD
  • a HD, hemodialysis; HDF, hemodiafiltration; HF, hemofiltration.

  • b In vitro.

  • c For conventional hemodialysis with a blood flow rate of 300 to 400 ml/min. Includes removal by diffusion, convection, and adsorption.

  • d For 4 h of conventional hemodialysis.