Table 2.

Summary of expression levels of Thr71- and Thr69/71-phosphorylated ATF2, Ser73-phosphorylated c-Jun, and c-Fos in renal control tissue, small cysts and (dilated) ducts and tubules, and large cystsa

Normal renal tissue
    ATF2 (phospho-Thr71)+++
    ATF2 (phospho-Thr69/71)++
    c-Jun (phospho-Ser73)+++
Small cysts/dilated tubules
    ATF2 (phospho-Thr71)+++++++++
    ATF2 (phospho-Thr69/71)++++++
    c-Jun (phospho-Ser73)+++++++++
Large cysts
    ATF2 (phospho-Thr71)++
    ATF2 (phospho-Thr69/71)+
    c-Jun (phospho-Ser73)−/++
  • a Expression levels are indicated as − representing no expression and +++ representing highest expression. CD, collecting duct; DT, distal tubules; PT, proximal tubules.