Table 3.

Murine models of CGa

Initiator of DiseaseModelReferences
HIV-1 gene productsTg26 transgenic mice(75)
CD4C/HIV transgenic mice(76,77)
HIV-transgenic rats(78)
c-fms/vpr transgenic mice(79)
HIV13 transgenic mice(80)
IgAnti–total glomerular protein mice(81)
anti–Thy-1.1 transgenic mice(82)
anti-hCD25 transgenic mice(83)
Oxidative stresskd/kd miceb(73)
p53R2 null mice(84,85)
Dahl salt-sensitive rats(86)
Podocyte autocrine/paracrine functionVEGF-A 164 transgenic mice(87)
  • a VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor.

  • b Susceptibility mapped by forward genetics to a mutation in the prenyltransferase-like mitochondrial protein gene.