Table 4.

Renal outcomes after treatment of CG in HIV-negative patients

No. Treated in CohortModality of TreatmentRenal OutcomeReferences
35 of 4326 received steroidsNone remitted(1)
6 received cyclophosphamide1 partially remitted
3 received cyclosporin1 fully remitted, 1 partially remitted
2 of 6All received steroidsNone remitted(12)
37 of 4223 received steroids2 fully remitted, 7 partially remitted(13)
6 received ′cytotoxic therapy′None remitted
3 received cyclosporinNone remitted
15 of 167 received steroidsNone remitted(15)
8 received steroids and cyclophosphamideNone remitted
5 of 164 received steroids1 fully remitted(16)
1 received steroids and cyclophosphamideNone remitted
25 of 40All received steroidsa6 fully remitted, 10 partially remitted(120)
6 of 66 received steroidsNone remitted(122)
2 received cyclosporine after steroid failureAll fully remitted
  • a Six patients also received cyclophosphamide or cyclosporine, but no subgroup analysis was reported.