Table 2.

Comparison of gender with baseline values and measures of disease progression in the total ADPKD populationa

VariableMale (n = 88)Female (n = 131)Pb
Baseline values
    mean age (yr)33.4333.310.8224
    kidney volume (ml)861.52751.000.0441
    cyst volume (ml)266.90253.670.7028
    cyst numberc25.8622.590.0847
Change per yeard
    kidney volume change (ml)66.2840.410.0062
    rate of kidney volume change (%)5.884.590.0163
    cyst volume change (ml)63.0136.040.0039
    rate of cyst volume change (%)13.8310.660.0029
  • a Values are adjusted for age and genotype. ADPKD, autosomal dominant PKD.

  • b Significant P values are in boldface.

  • c Measured from representative MRI sections (see Materials and Methods for details).

  • d Mean calculated over 3 yr of follow-up.