Table 3.

Multivariate logistic regression for the association between hip fracture and kidney diseasea

VariableOR95% CI
Propensity score0.490.09 to 2.77
Kidney disease (eGFR <60 ml/min)2.321.13 to 4.74
Age (per 10-yr interval)1.480.97 to 2.28
    female0.760.44 to 1.31
    non-Hispanic whiteReference
    non-Hispanic black0.860.36 to 2.04
    Hispanic1.510.59 to 3.88
    other0.490.15 to 1.58
History of osteoporosis2.521.08 to 5.91
Activity level
    medium1.070.60 to 1.90
    low2.101.03 to 4.27
WHO BMD categories
    osteopenia0.870.28 to 2.70
    osteoporosis1.930.53 to 7.01
History of hip fracture in mother1.810.98 to 3.37
Weight (kg)0.990.96 to 1.02
  • a eGFR, estimated GFR.