Table 3.

Multivariate logistic regression of risk factors for PTA at 12 mo after transplantationa

ParameterOR95% CIP
Black ethnicity (versus nonblack)1.40.8 to 2.30.219
Pretransplantation dialysis (versus none)1.70.8 to 3.40.149
Acute rejection (versus none)1.30.6 to 2.70.431
ESRD duration (per month)1.00.9 to 1.10.664
Deceased-donor kidney (versus living donor)1.20.7 to 2.40.519
3-mo serum creatinine (per mg/dl)2.01.2 to 3.30.044
Donor age (per year)1.11.1 to 1.30.005
Male gender (versus female)0.40.2 to 0.60.001
Anemia at 3 mo after transplantation (versus none)10.05.3 to 17.10.0001
  • a CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.