Table 4.

Cox regression analysis of risk factors for long-term mortality in patients with PTAa

ParameterHR95% CIP
Acute rejection (versus none)1.30.5 to 3.40.59
Duration ESRD (per year)1.01.0 to 1.10.52
Weight at transplantation (per kg)1.00.9 to 1.10.51
Black ethnicity (versus nonblack)1.90.8 to 4.50.14
Previous transplant (versus none)2.90.8 to 11.00.11
Diabetes pretransplantation (versus none)2.40.9 to 6.90.09
HCV+ (versus HCV−)2.81.1 to 7.00.03
PTA at 12 mo (versus none)3.01.3 to 6.70.009
Creatinine at 12 mo (per mg/dl)1.31.1 to 1.40.008
Age at transplantation (per year)1.11.1 to 1.30.004
  • a HR, hazard ratio.