Table 1.

Summary of binding characteristics of the six mutant factor H proteins to three ligands (heparin, C3b, and C3d) and to endothelial cells

Factor H MutantLigandEndothelial cellsType
FH 8-20/W1157R++(+)(+)++A
FH 8-20/W1183L++++A
FH 8-20/W1197A(+)++(+)B
FH 8-20/W1210C++++A
FH 8-20/W1215G++++A
FH 8-20/W1226S(+)(+)(+)ndB
FH 8-20 wt++++++++++++
  • Residue W1157R is located in SCR19, and the remaining residues are located in SCR20. nd, not determined. Type A refers to residues that based on a structural model are surface exposed and accessible for ligand interaction. Type B residues are buried and are likely to be essential to maintain the overall architecture and folding of the short consensus repeat domain.