Table 1.

Serum antibody responses after booster immunization with TTa

Time PointSerum Antibody Responses after Booster Immunization with TT (Mean AU/ml ± SEM)P
Control Subjects (n = 12)Patients with IgAN (n = 12)
    at immunization149 ± 38110 ± 23NS
    14 d later342 ± 601250 ± 439NS
    at immunization722 ± 151593 ± 155NS
    14 d later1700 ± 3872704 ± 739NS
    at immunization44 ± 962 ± 29NS
    14 d later214 ± 91179 ± 45NS
  • a Twelve patients with IgA nephropathy (IgAN) and 12 matched control subjects were given subcutaneous booster immunizations with tetanus toxoid (TT). All participants had previously received this vaccine not less than 5 yr before the study. Serum was obtained at the time of immunization (for baseline antibody levels) and 14 d later. IgG, IgA, and IgA1 antibody levels were measured by antigen-specific ELISA. Antibodies of all three classes increased significantly after immunization in all participants, but there was no difference between patients with IgAN and control subjects in the levels of any antibody at any time point.