Table 1.

Patients who developed microalbuminuria according to baseline BP, follow-up BP, and BP reduction above or below the median and according to ACEi and ndCCB treatmenta

ParameterSBPDBPMAPPulse Pressure
Median baseline BP (mmHg)150.0088.33108.3361.67
    ACEi no2838293731353531
    ACEi yes16g19f1916f21g14f16f19g
    CCB no2424242427212721
    CCB yes2033242925282429
Median follow-up BP (mmHg)139.1681.33100.5757.60
    ACEi no2046b2343d2046c2541d
    ACEi yes1817f1817f1718f1619f
    CCB no2226222622261830c
    CCB yes1637b1934c1538b2330
Median BP reduction (mmHg)10.786.097.714.58
    ACEi no4323c38284323c4224d
    ACEi yes15e2019g16df17f1817e18e
    CCB no272124242820d2919d
    CCB yes3122d3320c3221c3023
  • a ACEi, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor; DBP, diastolic BP; MAP, mean arterial pressure; ndCCB, nondihydropyridine calcium channel blocker; SBP, systolic BP.

  • b P ≤ 0.001,

  • c P ≤ 0.01,

  • d P < 0.05 versus below;

  • e P ≤ 0.001,

  • f P ≤ 0.01,

  • g P < 0.05 versus ACEi no.