Table 1.

Variables that are associated with increased likelihood of progression from MA to P or risk for P in type 1 diabetesa

Variable (in Alphabetical Order)ReferenceMean Values for Patients Who Still Had MAMean Values for Patients Who Progressed to PThresholdOR
AER (μg/min)(22)44.964.4NP1.9
HbA1c (%)(22)6.87.9NP2.1
Mean BP (mmHg)(49)8385>81.13.1
Parental history of CV diseaseb(51)Present3.2
Parental history of hypertensionb(48)Present3.7
Weight (kg)(22)6870NP1.5
  • a AER, albumin excretion rate; CV, cardiovascular; HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin; MA, microalbuminuria, NP, not provided; OR, odds ratio; P, proteinuria.

  • b Risk for P.