Table 2.

Variables associated with increased likelihood of progression from MA to P or risk for P in type 2 diabetesa

Variable (in Alphabetical Order)ReferenceMean Value for Patients Who Still Had MAMean Value for Patients Who Progressed to PThresholdOR
AER (mg/24 h)(34)75101NP2.68 (OR per doubling of log AER)
HbA1c (change during follow-up)(34)8.88.6NP1.43 (OR per % HbA1c increase)
Parental history of hypertension (both parents)b(50)Present2.2
Start of antihypertensive agent (during follow-up)(34)Present0.20
Start of RAS blockade (during follow-up)(34)Present0.16
  • a RAS, renin-angiotensin system.

  • b Risk for P.