Table 3.

Variables associated with increased likelihood of return from MA to NA in type 1 diabetesa

Variable (in Alphabetical Order)ReferenceMean Value for Patients Who Still Had MAMean Value for Patients Who Returned to NAThresholdOR
Age (yr)(21)3129≤261.6
AER(18)59 mg/24 h42 mg/24 hNPNP
(22)44.9 μg/min37.2 μg/minNP0.7b
DBP (mmHg)(18)8479NPNP
SBP (mmHg)(18)140127NPNP
Diabetes duration (yr)(22)1815NP0.8b
HbA1c (%)(21)9.38.8<8.01.9
    cholesterol (mg/dl)(18)208185NPNP
    triglycerides (mg/dl)(21)146109<1452.1
    triglycerides (mg/dl) and cholesterol (mg/dl)(21)Triglycerides <145 and cholesterol <1982.4
Peripheral neuropathy(22)Absence0.6b
Waist-to-hip ratio(22)0.860.83NP0.8b
  • a DBP, diastolic BP; NA, normoalbuminuria; SBP, systolic BP.

  • b Standardized estimates of relative risk.