Table 1.

Comparison of demographics between DCI study sample (n = 16,959) and USRDS incident hemodialysis patients for year 2000a

Age (yr)
    20 to 44278116.411,00313.3
    45 to 64657038.729,06235.0
    65 to 74438725.921,58726.0
Female gender808847.738,94746.6
Cause of ESRD
Any use of BP medication in first 120 d on dialysis10,18860.1NANA
  • a DCI, Dialysis Clinic Inc.; USRDS, United States Renal Data System; NA, not available.

  • b Percentage is based on the entire USRDS incident hemodialysis population, except for age, which is restricted to those ≥20 yr of age.