Table 2.

Multivariable regressionsa of predialysis serum β2M level at 1 mo of follow-upb

VariableRegression Coefficient (mg/L)SEP
Baseline age (per 10 yr)−1.320.26<0.0001
Gender (female)−1.320.800.098
Race (black)2.940.77<0.0001
Baseline diabetes−3.620.70<0.0001
Baseline duration of dialysis (per year)0.410.08<0.0001
Baseline ICED score (per unit)0.740.400.069
Baseline serum albumin (per g/dl)−1.810.930.052
History of malignancy or AIDS at baseline1.321.080.219
Baseline high-flux dialysis−0.220.950.820
Baseline ultrafiltration volume/weight (per L/70 kg)0.170.300.571
Baseline modeled urea V (per L)
Baseline body mass index (per kg/m2)−0.270.07<0.0001
Baseline residual kidney urea clearancec (per ml/min)−7.210.69<0.0001
Dialyzer β2M clearance at 1 mo (per 10 ml/min)−1.940.30<0.0001
Randomized to high-dose (urea Kt/V) arm0.620.620.312
Randomized to high-flux arm−0.971.020.339
  • a Adjusted for clinical center.

  • b Only patients who had β2M clearance measurement at 1 mo of follow-up were included (n = 1704).

  • c Normalized to 35 L of urea distribution volume.