Table 1.

Clinical characteristics at baseline for 234 patients with ADPKDa

    age (yr)34(25to40)
    weight (kg)74(61to91)
    height (cm)170(163to181)
Predictors for a decline in renal function
    bilateral kidney volume (ml)865(585to1340)
    bilateral cyst volume (ml)320(166to727)
    albumin to creatinine ratio (mg/g)25(11to49)
    current smoker17%(40)
    history of urinary tract infection45%(104)
    abdominal pain61%(142)
    gross hematuria32%(76)
Renal function measures
    unstandardized iothalamate clearance (ml/min)107(86to123)
    standardized iothalamate clearance (ml/min per 1.73 m2)95(79to115)
    SCr (mg/dl)1.03(0.82to1.21)
    MDRD equationb (ml/min per 1.73 m2)79(63to96)
    Cockcroft-Gault equationc (ml/min)101(82to126)
    creatinine clearance (ml/min)109(89to130)
  • a Results given as percentage (count) or median (25th to 75th percentiles). ADPKD, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease; MDRD, Modification of Diet in Renal Disease; SCr, serum creatinine.

  • b 186.3 × (SCr)−1.154 × (age)−0.203 × (0.742 if female) × (1.212 if black) (4).

  • c [(140 − age) × (weight in kg) × (0.85 if female)]/(72 × serum creatinine) (2).