Table 1.

Patient characteristics at time of admissiona

No. of discharges30,91096,704127,6145,275,401
Age (y; mean)76.175.875.973.8
Age group (y; %)b
    65 to 7427.729.629.133.2
    75 to 8438.238.438.435.1
Male (%)b50.252.451.943.1
Race (%)b
Hospital stay (d; mean)9.013.512.46.7
Renal dialysis (%)c20.213.314.91.9
  • a ARF, acute renal failure; ARF-P, ARF coded as the principal diagnosis; ARF-S, ARF coded as a secondary diagnosis; ARF-PS, ARF-P and ARF-S groups combined.

  • b Differences (P < 0.0001) among ARF-P, ARF-S, and Non-ARF in age group, gender, race, and renal dialysis were detected using χ2 statistics, and in mean hospital stay and age using a general linear model.

  • c Renal dialysis in non-ARF was for those who were in the ESRD program.