Table 1.

Epidemiological studies that suggested that serum uric acid predicts hypertension

AuthorYear PublishedStudy SizeDuration of Follow-Up (yr)Increased Risk
Kahn et al. (25)197210,000 men52-fold
Selby et al. (29)19902062 adults63-fold
Hunt et al. (28)19911482 adults72-fold
Jossa et al. (27)1994619 men121.2-fold
Taniguchi et al. (30)20016356 men102-fold
Masuo et al. (31)2003433 men5+27 mmHg in systolic BP per each 1-mg/dl change in uric acid
Nakanishi et al. (32)20032310 men61.6-fold
Nagahama et al. (40)20044489 adults231.5-fold in men
1.9-fold in women
Alper et al. (33)2005577 children11Predicts diastolic hypertension
Sundstrom et al. (34)20053119 adults41.5-fold