Table 1.

Cumulative percentage of RRT, overall and by cause; renal mortality; and ESRD (RRT or renal mortality)a

Renal End PointTotal EventsCumulative % at Year
RRT as a result of1760.0160.0730.2470.8111.804
    diabetes (ICD-9 2550)500.0000.0000.0090.1140.506
    hypertensive renal disease (ICD-9 4039)590.0080.0330.1120.3360.604
    other causes670.0080.0400.1260.3630.705
Renal death620.0000.0330.1030.3460.644
ESRD (renal death or RRT)2130.0160.1060.3411.0302.161
  • a ICD-9, International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision; RRT, renal replacement therapy.