Table 3.

Multivariate association between baseline factors and risk for developing ESRD among men randomly assigned in MRFITa

    age (per 10 yr older)1.971.51 to 2.58<0.001
    black (versus white race)2.731.75 to 4.25<0.001
    current smoker (versus nonsmoker)1.841.35 to 2.51<0.001
    BMI (per 5 kg/m2 greater)1.170.95 to 1.440.14
    % family history of diabetes1.451.06 to 1.980.02
Plasma lipids
    triglycerides (per 25 mg/dl higher)1.010.99 to 1.030.22
    HDL cholesterol (per 5 mg/dl lower)1.251.09 to 1.440.002
    LDL cholesterol (per 10 mg/dl higher)1.010.97 to 1.050.62
Serum chemistries/urinalysis
    uric acid (per 1 mg/dl higher)1.161.04 to 1.290.006
    fasting glucose (per 10 mg/dl higher)1.101.03 to 1.170.003
BP related
    systolic BP (per 10 mmHg higher)1.311.19 to 1.43<0.001
  • a Also included in the full model are GFR, hematocrit, and urine proteinuria concentration, which are not shown. CI, confidence interval; HR, hazard ratio.