Table 3.

Distribution of 221 ESRD patients according to CT classification and demographic factorsa

SICK(n = 15)Other Patients(n = 204)Total(n = 221)b
Age (yr)
    35 to 491757285826
    50 to 6432051255525
    65 to 7453351255726
Educational level
    <8th grade21326132813
    8th to 11th grade21349245224
    completed high school32046234922
    vocational college09494
    some college53349245424
    completed college32025122913
    Chapel Hill, NC (UNC)32051255424
    Winston-Salem, NC (WFU)85353266128
    Toledo, OH/Detroit, MI (MCO)21336183918
    Dallas, TX (DNA)1749245123
    Portland, OR (OHSU)17157167
  • a DNA, Dallas Nephrology Associates and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; MCO, Medical College of Ohio; OHSU, Oregon Health Sciences University; UNC, University of North Carolina; WFU, Wake Forest University.

  • b Includes two patients who met the DeBroe criteria but not SICK.