Table 1.

Age–gender standardized prevalence of traditional and nontraditional risk factors for coronary artery disease by race and level of GFRa

Sample CharacteristicGFR < 60GFR 60 to 89GFR 90 to 200
WhiteBlackMexican AmericanWhiteBlackMexican AmericanWhiteBlackMexican American
No. of participants715185922656785702327931823414
Traditional risk factors
Diabetes (by history; %)11.920.
Hypertension (ever told; %)43.175.956.824.435.721.821.329.220.6
Systolic BP (mmHg)124145140123128125121126123
Diastolic BP (mmHg)788677757875747674
Pulse pressure (mmHg)475963475050485049
Family history of premature MI (%)8.821.90.518.415.411.820.011.411.5
Tobacco use (%)
    current smoker22.
    former smokers51.020.941.728.517.024.526.818.121.9
    never smokers26.941.150.249.752.956.140.546.956.0
Body mass index (%)
    normal (<25)29.442.539.
    overweight (25 to 29)17.928.923.834.436.339.331.831.938.7
    obese (≥30)52.628.637.122.436.629.419.728.729.1
Abdominal obesity70.440.658.737.551.744.
Physically inactive (%)31.735.
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)223224213207206210203201202
HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)44.354.447.250.453.550.
Total cholesterol/HDL ratio5.
Inflammatory factors
    C-reactive protein (mg/dl)
        below detection (<3 mg/L; %)59.843.858.474.
        detectable level (3 to 9 mg/L; %)25.939.530.019.626.625.919.625.826.7
        clinically elevated (≥10 mg/L; %)14.316.711.56.411.45.96.812.58.3
    white blood cell count7.96.8v8.
  • a Prevalence and mean are age–gender standardized to the early 1990s US population. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey participants age ≥20. GFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2) estimated from the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) Study Formula. Pulse pressure = difference in systolic BP and diastolic BP. Abdominal obesity defined as waist circumference >102 cm in men and >88 cm in women.