Table 1.

The Wilson-Jungner criteria

Individuals with DiabetesGeneral Population
1.The disease for which the screening test could be used is an important health problem.YesYes
2.The natural course of the disease should be well described.YesYes
3.The disease should be detectable in an early phase.YesYes
4.Treatment in an early phase should offer benefit.YesProbably
5.A suitable test should be available to indicate the early phase of the disease.YesYes
6.The test should be acceptable, and there should be a well-defined cutoff.YesYes
7.The interval at which it should be tested should be well known.YesNot yet
8.The extra workload needed in case of a positive test should be possible and acceptable.YesYes
9.The risk of screening, both somatic and psychiatric, should outweigh the benefits.YesYes
10.Screening and subsequent treatment in case of positive tests should be cost- effective.YesProbably