Table 4.

US white versus Norwegian patients’ relative risk for progression from CKD stages 3 or 4 to ESRDa

Per 100,000 Adults in General PopulationRatio, ESRD Incidence/CKD PrevalenceIncreased Risk for US White Patients
CKD Stages 3 to 4New ESRD per Year
    US white501030.80.0061
    US white377216.70.0044
    US white123814.10.0114
Age < 60 yr1.7
    US white71311.10.0156
Age ≥ 60 yr3.0
    US white434919.70.0045
    US white319813.90.0043
    US white185216.90.0091
  • a Prevalence (per 100,000 adults) of CKD stages 3 to 4 is from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III; 1988 to 1994, which is not significantly different from NHANES 1999 to 2000) and from HUNT II (1995 to 1997). Incidence of ESRD (per 100,000 adults per year) is from the US Renal Data System (USRDS; 1995 to 1997) and from the Norwegian Renal Registry (1995 to 1997). Data on patients with diabetes represent CKD or ESRD in patients with diabetes as primary renal diagnosis or as a secondary complicating diagnosis (25,39,4446).