Table 6.

Information regarding economy and general population characteristics of relevance for the incidence of ESRD (1995 to 1997)

NorwayUnited States
Income per capita (US$)a,b22,19319,57910,98217,227
African descent (%)a,b0.412.6
Population below income poverty line (%)a,c5.911.228.413.7
Without health insurance (%)a,c014.221.015.4
Lack of functional literacy (%)d,e8143820
Life expectancy (yr)a,b78.176.569.675.8
Age (yr; % of total population)a,b
    20 to 5448.550.649.150.6
    55 to 7418.116.710.814.8
Ischemic heart disease (deaths per 100,000/yr)a,f
BMI > 30 kg/m2 (%)g1628.738.930.5
BMI > 40 kg/m2 (%)g0.
On antihypertensive treatment (%)g11.012.116.712.6
Diabetes (%)g3.
Persistent microalbuminuria (%)g7.
Macroalbuminuria (%)g0.
  • a Source: Statistics Norway.

  • b Source: US Census Bureau.

  • c Source: Center of Budget and Policy Priorities.

  • d Source: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

  • e Source: US Department of Education.

  • f Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • g Source: HUNT and NHANES studies.