Table 5.

Linear regression models predicting SBP at age 7 yr, including BMI at age 7 yr

BlackWhiteTotal Group
β95% CIβ95% CIβ95% CI
Birth weight (kg)−0.28−0.67 to 0.12−0.97−1.32 to −0.63a−0.68−0.94 to −0.42a
BMI at 7 yr1.351.26 to 1.44a1.571.49 to 1.66a1.471.41 to 1.53a
White race−0.87−1.13 to −0.60a
Poverty (yes)0.33−0.08 to 0.74−0.83−1.17 to −0.48a−0.32−0.58 to −0.06b
Maternal education (yr)−0.12−0.21 to −0.03b−0.25−0.32 to −0.18a−0.20−0.25 to −0.15a
Maternal anemia (yes)0.24−0.20 to 0.660.54−0.12 to 1.200.34−0.02 to 0.695