Table 5.

Summary of multiple logistic regression model versions (factors associated with AKI)

Model VersionOR (OSP)95% CIPModel Description
12.351.51 to 3.66<0.001Original modela
23.521.13 to 10.930.030Sensitivity analysisb
32.261.45 to 3.52<0.001Version 1 with addition of pre- and postcreatinine interval
42.441.57 to 3.81<0.001Version 1 with addition of accrual days and number of physician visits
52.861.71 to 4.81<0.001Version 1 with exclusion of patients with CKD or proteinuria
62.311.48 to 3.61<0.001Version 1 with exclusion of patients exposed to intravenous contrast
72.331.50 to 3.62<0.001Version 1 with exclusion of patients with colorectal cancer
82.711.48 to 5.000.001Version 1 with addition of propensity scores
  • a Covariates in all models (unless otherwise specified) include OSP use, age (per year), diabetes, hypertension, ASCVD, CHF, CKD, proteinuria, NSAID use, ACEI or ARB use, diuretic use, and contrast exposure.

  • b AKI defined as doubling of serum creatinine; other covariates in model were the same as in version 1.