Table 1.

Adjusted baseline characteristics of study population by incident PAD status: The ARIC Study, 1987a

Baseline Risk FactorIncident PADP
Yes (n = 1016)No (n = 13,264)
Age (yr)5654<0.0001
Male (%)45450.73
White race (%)76740.20
Diabetes (%)22.010.6<0.0001
Prevalent hypertension (%)43.033.2<0.0001
Prevalent CHD (%)10.74.2<0.0001
Pack-years of cigarette smoking among current smokers23.115.0<0.0001
Mean LDL cholesterol (mg/dl)142137<0.0001
Mean HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)4852<0.0001
SBP (mmHg)125121<0.0001
DBP (mmHg)74740.92
Mean triglycerides (mg/dl)146129<0.0001
Fibrinogen (mg/dl)321300<0.0001
BMI (kg/m2)28.427.6<0.0001
Mean ankle-brachial index1.101.15<0.001
Mean eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)92930.17
Sport index score (out of 5)2.372.450.0023
Current alcohol drinkers (%)
Use of cholesterol medication (%)4.82.6<0.0001
Use of anti-hypertensive medication (%)3929<0.0001
  • a Adjusted for age, gender, race, and Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) field center. BMI, body mass index; CHD, coronary heart disease; DBP, diastolic BP; eGFR, estimated GFR; PAD, peripheral arterial disease; SBP, systolic BP.