Table 3.

Multivariate adjusted differences in 24-h urinary excretion between black and white womena

ParameterDifference95% CI
Calcium (mg)−40.9−60.0 to −21.8
Oxalate (mg)2.4−0.06 to 4.8
Citrate (mg)74.95.1 to 144.7
Uric acid (mg)7.3−21.9 to 36.5
Sodium (mEq)10.1−2.0 to 22.2
Potassium (mEq)−10.2−13.9 to −6.6
Magnesium (mg)−3.3−11.7 to 5.0
Phosphate (mg)−119.1−162.8 to −75.3
Sulfate (mmol)−1.0−2.1 to 0.2
pH (U)0.210.09 to 0.32
Volume (L)−0.13−0.30 to 0.04
  • a White race is the referent. Differences are adjusted for age, body mass index, urinary creatinine, and all other urinary factors. Statistically significant values are in boldface. CI, confidence interval.