Table 3.

Antenatal characteristics of patients with miscellaneous diseases (n = 10)a

PatientGAAFFamily HistoryPerinatal OutcomeKidney Length (SD)CystsCMDDiagnosis
233SOHNoTOP+3mc, D, bPBilateral dysplasia
335MOHNoTOP+3mc, D, bPType 2 Ivemark Sd
422SOHNoTOP+2mc, D, bNAType 2 Ivemark Sd
532NNoAlive+2NFamilial nephroblastoma
622NNoAlive+4NABW syndrome
722NNoAlive0NTransient HE
832NNoAlive0NTransient HE
930NNoAlive0NTransient HE
1023SOHNoTOP+3mc, D, bPType 2 Ivemark Sd
  • a ARTD, autosomal recessive tubular dysgenesis; BW, Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome; b, bilateral; D, diffuse; HE, hyperechogenicity; mc, microcysts; Sd, syndrome.