Table 3.

Association of dyslipidemia and clinical outcomes in dialysis patientsa

StudybNOutcomeHigh TCHigh LDL CholesterolLow HDL CholesterolHigh TGHigh Lp(a)LMW Apo(a) Isoforms
Longitudinal studies
    Iseki et al., 1996 (83)1491Incident stroke
    Degoulet et al., 1982 (2)1453Cardiovascular and all-cause mortality
    CHOICE Study (84,85)833Cardiovascular and all-cause mortality↓ in presence of inflammation/malnutrition; ↑ in absence of inflammation/malnutrition
    CHOICE Study (84,85)Incident fatal or nonfatal atherosclerotic cardiovascular events
    Kronenberg et al., 1999 (3)440Incident coronary events
    Koda 1999 et al., (86)390Cardiovascular mortality
    Zimmermann et al., 1999 (69)280Cardiovascular and all-cause mortality
    Ohashi et al., 1999 (87)268Cardiovascular mortality
    Shoji et al., 2001 (88)265Cardiovascular and all-cause mortality
    Hocher et al., 2003 (89)245Cardiovascular and all-cause mortality
    Schwaiger et al., 2006 (90)165Cardiovascular events
    Cressmann et al., 1992 (34)129Incident atherosclerotic cardiovascular events
Cross-sectional studies
    Stack et al., 2001 (80)4025History of coronary artery disease
    Koch et al., 1997 (35)607History of MI or ≥50% coronary artery stenosis
    Cheung et al., 2000 (81)936Presence or history of cardiovascular events
    Güz et al., 2000 (82)269Carotid artery intima media thickness
  • a MI, myocardial infarction.

  • b Included are only reports with at least 125 patients in prospective studies and at least 200 patients in cross-sectional studies. Presented are outcome measures that were increased (↑), unchanged (↔) or decreased (↓) associated with the indicated dyslipidemia. LMW, low molecular weight; TC, total cholesterol.