Table 3.

Logistic regression analysis of the association between ACE genetic polymorphisms and DNa

ACE MarkerAllele (1/2)bDenmarkFinlandFrance
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
rs 1800764T/C1.050.83 to 1.331.040.83 to 1.311.351.03 to 1.75
rs 4311C/T1.070.84 to 1.361.140.91 to 1.421.281.00 to 1.65
IDI/D1.060.84 to 1.341.090.89 to 1.351.361.05 to 1.75
rs 4366C/G1.020.81 to to 1.381.301.01 to 1.68
rs 12449782A/G1.090.86 to 1.381.140.91 to 1.441.341.04 to 1.73
  • a The clinical and biological factors that were included in the logistic regression were gender, smoking, diabetes duration, and HbA1c.

  • b Allele 2 was considered to be the risk allele.