Table 3.

Predictor variables related to survival to the outcome of progression of renal disease (assessed as 30% reduction of renal function and/or achievement of nephrotic proteinuria) at the multivariate Cox regression analysisa

ParameterBSEWald TestPRR95% CI
Age0.0830.0731.2970.2551.0860.942 to 1.253
Gender−0.0890.9170.0090.9230.9150.152 to 5.519
CrCl at baseline0.0220.0181.4440.2291.0220.986 to 1.059
Systolic BP at baseline0.0600.0491.4710.2251.0610.964 to 1.169
Diastolic BP at baseline0.0110.0540.0390.8431.0110.909 to 1.124
Proteinuria at baseline0.4240.4720.8090.3681.5290.606 to 3.855
Treatment, ACE-I−2.3681.1634.1480.042b0.0940.010 to 0.915
  • a B, regression coefficient; CI, confidence intervals; RR, relative risk.

  • b P < 0.05.