Table 2.

Foods that contribute to oxalate intake in men (HPFS), older women (NHS I), and younger women (NHS II)a

Cooked spinach23.1Cooked spinach25.8Cooked spinach22.0
Raw spinach17.3Raw spinach18.4Raw spinach20.3
Potatoes (whole)10.2Potatoes (whole)11.1Potatoes (whole)9.9
Cold cereal4.4Cold cereal4.3Cold cereal3.8
Oranges2.9Oranges2.5French fries2.5
French fries1.9Coffee1.7Oranges2.0
Mixed nutsb1.7Cooked carrots1.7Pasta2.0
Navy beans (canned)1.7Tea1.6Pasta sauced1.9
Cookiesc1.6Cookiesc1.5English muffins1.7
Peanuts1.6Pasta sauced1.4Coffee1.7
  • a Expressed as percentage of total oxalate intake. Based on oxalate content and frequency of consumption. For illustrative purposes, values were derived from responses to the 1994 (men and older women) and 1995 (younger women) dietary questionnaires.

  • b With peanuts.

  • c Chocolate chip.

  • d Marinara.