Table 1.

Bundle definitions: Total MAC and MAC/session for each bundle component from July through December 2003a

ItemTotal $ (millions)Total $ (millions) CappedMAC/SessionSD
Vitamin D$197$16.03$18.92
Other injectablesc$33$2.65$9.24
Other servicese$10$0.81$3.43
  • a EPO, erythropoietin; MAC, Medicare allowable charges. Outer fence definition: Average MAC/session < Q1 − (3 × IQR) or mean MAC/session > Q3 + (3 × IQR).

  • b EPO MAC/session is capped at $300/session.

  • c Includes injectables other than EPO, iron, and vitamin D that were built by dialysis facilities only. Items include darbepoetin alfa, levocarnitine, hepatitis B vaccine, flu vaccine, heparin sodium, filgrastim, alteplase recombinant, other antibiotics (cefazolin NA, ceftriaxone NA, ceftazidime), vancomycin, and other drugs.

  • d Includes laboratory services that were either billed by dialysis facilities or billed by freestanding laboratory suppliers and ordered by physicians who received Medicare capitation payments for treating ESRD patients.

  • d Includes services other than EPO, iron, vitamin D, other injectables, and labs that were built by dialysis facilities (ie, syringes and other supplies).

  • f Excludes patients with outliers for mean MAC/session for the bundle.\