Table 2.

Descriptive statistics for Medicare hemodialysis patients, July to December 2003 (n = 231,742)

VariableMean or ProportionSD
        <18 yr0.0014
        18 to 44 yr0.1172
        45 to 59 yr0.2240
        60 to 69 yr0.2390
        70 to 79 yr0.2756
        >80 yr0.1427
        18 to 44, female0.0475
        Native American0.0145
        Hispanic ethnicity0.1255
Time since start of RRT
    started RRT during month0.0249
    1 previous month of RRT0.0355
    2 previous months of RRT0.0260
    3 previous months of RRT0.0287
    4 previous months of RRT0.0230
    5 previous months of RRT0.0226
    6 previous months of RRT0.0208
    7 previous months of RRT0.0204
    8 previous months of RRT0.0193
    9 previous months of RRT0.0181
    10 to 12 previous months of RRT0.0506
    2nd year of RRT0.1765
    3rd year of RRT0.1446
    3 yr or more of RRT0.3889
Body size
    weight (kg)76.118017.6316
Baseline hematocrit
    hematocrit (2728)29.33395.4695
Functional status and comorbidities
    inability to ambulate (2728)0.0269
    inability to transfer (2728)0.0079
    current smoker/tobacco use (2728)0.0517
    alcohol dependence within 1 yr0.0666
    drug dependence within 1 yr0.0250
    cardiac arrest within 1 yr0.0204
    congestive heart failure within 1 yr0.3735
    cardiac dysrhythmias within 1 yr0.2660
    ischemic heart disease within 1 yr0.3534
    pericarditis within 1 yr0.0128
    cerebrovascular disease within 1 yr0.2297
    diabetes (primary or contributing) within 1 yr0.2718
    peripheral vascular disease within 1 yr0.3388
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease within 1 yr0.2241
    AIDS within 1 yr0.0160
    HIV positive status within 1 yr0.0125
    aspiration and specified bacterial pneumonias within 6 mo0.0247
    hepatitis B within 1 yr0.0391
    other hepatitis from 1999 to 20020.1414
    opportunistic infections within 6 mo0.0083
    pneumococcal pneumonia, emphysema, lung abcess within 6 mo0.0141
    septicemia/shock within 6 mo0.1521
    other infections within 6 mo0.2725
    gastro-Intestinal tract bleeding within 6 mo0.0222
    GI ulcer (no hemorrhage within 6 mo)0.0354
    esophogeal varices within 6 mo0.0025
    acquired hemolytic anemias within 1 yr0.0160
    hereditary hemolytic anemias from 1999 to 20020.0210
    sickle-cell anemia from 1999 to 20020.0038
    other anemias within 2 yr0.0000
    leukemia within 1 yr0.0054
    lung, upper digestive tract, and other severe cancers within 1 yr0.0126
    lymphatic system, head, and other major cancers within 1 yr0.0005
    lymphoma within 2 yr0.0065
    metastatic cancers within 1 yr0.0130
    multiple myeloma within 1 yr0.0074
    other cancers within 1 yr0.0722
    hyperparathyroidism within 1 yr0.1714
    monoclonal gammopathy within 1 yr0.0083
    myelofibrosis within 1 yr0.0007
    myelodysplastic syndrome0.0132
    age < 45 yr, with cardiovascular disease (cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, cardiac dysrhythmias, pericarditis)0.0426
    age < 45 yr, with infection (aspiration and specified bacterial pneumonias, opportunistic infections, septicemia/shock)0.0206
    age < 45 yr, with sickle-cell anemia or leukemia or monoclonal gammopathy, myelofibrosis0.0015
Previous hospitalization
    inpatient hospital admissions, previous month0.2107
    days in hospital, previous month1.89714.1672
  • a Body mass index < 18.5.