Table 4.

Regression coefficients for case-mix adjusted bundle (Model 5)

Model 5 Mean MAC/session: $97.36 (R2: 0.1175)
        <18 yr6.691.890.0585
        18 to 44 yr6.069.42<0.0001
        45 to 59 yr8.5523.78<0.0001
        60 to 69 yr4.8514.23<0.0001
        70 to 79 yr−3.76−9.41<0.0001
        >80 yrn/a
        18 to 44, female6.818.95<0.0001
        Native American−4.70−4.66<0.0001
        Hispanic ethnicity−5.67−14.51<0.0001
Time since start of RRT
    started RRT during month26.9910.76<0.0001
    1 previous month of RRT32.5116.95<0.0001
    2 previous months of RRT33.2814.6<0.0001
    3 previous months of RRT19.508.83<0.0001
    4 previous months of RRT8.313.110.0019
    5 previous months of RRT8.793.160.0016
    6 previous months of RRT−2.28−0.760.4477
    7 previous months of RRT−5.91−1.90.0573
    8 previous months of RRT−3.37−1.040.2974
    9 previous months of RRT−6.54−2.040.0416
    10 to 12 previous months of RRT−6.76−6.44<0.0001
    2nd year of RRT−6.92−18.99<0.0001
    3rd year of RRT−5.28−13.49<0.0001
    3 yr or more of RRT (reference)n/a
Body size
    weight (kg)0.3849.07<0.0001
Baseline hematocrit
    hematocrit (2728)−1.14−51.09<0.0001
Functional status and comorbidities
    inability to ambulate (2728)2.032.330.02
    inability to transfer (2728)−2.37−1.460.1439
    current smoker/tobacco use (2728)−3.57−6.54<0.0001
    alcohol dependence within 1 yr5.9611.65<0.0001
    drug dependence within 1 yr10.4813.14<0.0001
    cardiac arrest within 1 yr15.2812.92<0.0001
    congestive heart failure within 1 yr3.179.57<0.0001
    cardiac dysrhythmias within 1 yr4.8914.24<0.0001
    ischemic heart disease within 1 yr−0.61−1.830.0676
    pericarditis within 1 yr15.8913.3<0.0001
    cerebrovascular disease within 1 yr3.5710.48<0.0001
    diabetes (primary or contributing) within 1 yr−1.99−4.79<0.0001
    peripheral vascular disease within 1 yr4.0012.76<0.0001
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease within 1 yr5.3015.26<0.0001
    AIDS within 1 yr4.443.860.0001
    HIV positive status within 1 yr10.078.11<0.0001
    aspiration and specified bacterial pneumonias within 6 mo14.1713.2<0.0001
    hepatitis B within 1 yr1.211.590.1127
    other hepatitis from 1999 to 2002−3.73−9.64<0.0001
    opportunistic infections within 6 mo24.8613.82<0.0001
    pneumococcal pneumonia, emphysema, lung abcess within 6 mo15.3611.42<0.0001
    septicemia/shock within 6 mo18.8140.33<0.0001
    other infections within 6 mo7.5320.06<0.0001
    gastrointestinal tract bleeding within 6 mo27.9326.09<0.0001
    GI ulcer (no hemorrhage within 6 mo)12.0014.26<0.0001
    esophogeal varices within 6 mo38.3112.53<0.0001
    acquired hemolytic anemias within 1 yr7.616.76<0.0001
    hereditary hemolytic anemias from 1999 to 200210.6112.55<0.0001
    sickle-cell anemia from 1999 to 200217.708.3<0.0001
    other anemias within 2 yr87.231.570.1166
    leukemia within 1 yr12.776.42<0.0001
    lung, upper digestive tract, and other severe cancers within 1 yr12.239.56<0.0001
    lymphatic system, head, and other major cancers within 1 yr2.700.420.6728
    lymphoma within 2 yr11.546.78<0.0001
    metastatic cancers within 1 yr10.808.52<0.0001
    multiple myeloma within 1 yr21.3611.3<0.0001
    other cancers within 1 yr8.1314.88<0.0001
    hyperparathyroidism within 1 yr0.441.090.2776
    monoclonal gammopathy within 1 yr7.254.56<0.0001
    myelofibrosis within 1 yr41.715.94<0.0001
    myelodysplastic syndrome31.1027.66<0.0001
    age < 45 yr, with cardiovascular disease (cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, cardiac dysrhythmias, pericarditis)11.1912.66<0.0001
    age < 45 yr, with infection (aspiration and specified bacterial pneumonias, opportunistic infections, septicemia/shock)10.808.57<0.0001
    age < 45 yr, with sickle-cell anemia or leukemia or monoclonal gammopathy, myelofibrosis22.765.93<0.0001
  • a Body mass index < 18.5.