Table 4.

Relative importance of renal function for predicting mortality compared with other risk factorsa

Parameterχ 2 for Each Variableb
Renal function
MDRD eGFRc126120312310
Other predictors
Systolic BP1440923660
Previous HF18304407
Previous MI963150
  • a A higher χ 2 value indicates higher relative importance. χ 2 values for other predictors derived from model using CrCl for renal function. Adjusted models include age, gender, race, comorbidities, laboratory values, hospital events, and hospital/physician characteristics. All variables were significant predictors of mortality at P < 0.001 except for previous MI (P < 0.002). HF, heart failure; LVSF, left ventricular systolic function.

  • b Full model with all covariates likelihood ratio χ 2 = 36,184; 52,814; and 56,558 for 1-, 5-, and 10-yr models, respectively, using CrCl; and likelihood ratio χ 2 = 35,810; 52,463; and 56,508 using MDRD eGFR.

  • c Alternative model using MDRD eGFR instead of CrCl.