Table 1.

Births in Norway 1967 to 2004 according to birth-related variables and development of ESRD 1980 to 2005

Birth-Related VariablesNot Developed ESRDDeveloped ESRD
Birth weight
    <10th percentile211,633108116
    10 to 90th percentile1,744,0168040277
    ≥90th percentile222,75110397.5
Gestational age (wk)
    37 to 411,668,0678139380
Birth weight for gestational age
    <10th percentile217,067118117
    10 to 90th percentile1,627,0858036976
    ≥90th percentile200,7889.8387.8
Multiple delivery versus single
Maternal preeclampsia during pregnancy
Congenital malformation of the kidney or urinary tract
Other congenital malformations
  • a Percentage within category of predictor variable.