Table 3.

Differences in Markers of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Between CKD and Controls Group

Inflammatory/Oxidative BiomarkersControl (mean ± SD; n = 43)CKD (mean ± SD; n = 184)Unadjusted PaAdjusted Pb
Plasma F2-isoprostanes (ng/ml)c0.050 ± 0.0330.081 ± 0.049<0.001<0.001
Protein thiols (μ mol/L)c328.4 ± 33.3304.0 ± 55.2<0.0010.050
CRP (mg/L)c2.2 ± 1.95.5 ± 7.6<0.0010.010
  • a Mann-Whitney U test for unadjusted analysis between groups.

  • b P values were obtained using multivariable linear regression adjusted for age, gender, race, BMI, eGFR, history of diabetes, systolic BP, history of smoking, total cholesterol, and serum albumin.

  • c Log10 transformed dependent variable in multivariable linear regression model.