Table 4.

EMT- or MET-associated genes that were significantly differentially expressed (B > 1, P < 0.014) in protocol biopsies exhibiting TID pathology at 1 or 3 mo after transplantation, assessed by LIMMAa

Unigene IDGene NameFold ChangeAdjusted PBPredicted Change with EMT
Differentially expressed genes at 1 mo with TID
    Hs0.489142Collagen, type I, α23.935.59e-612.33Up
    Hs0.443625Collagen, type III, α14.023.41e-59.86Up
    Hs0.523414Insulin like growth factor 2 (somatomedin A)1.971.4e-48.09Up
    Hs0.169047chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 2 (versican)1.641.4e-47.99Up
    Hs0.474053Collagen, type VI, α11.801.8e-47.48Up
    Hs0.420269Collagen, type VI, α21.357.8e-45.77Up
    Hs0.513617Matrix metallopeptidase 2 (gelatinase A)1.960.00154.74Up
    Hs0.104839bTIMP metallopeptidase inhibitor 20.860.00293.46Down
    Hs0.642729Cyclin I0.850.00492.68Up
    Hs0.516493Fibroblast activation protein α1.790.00652.20Up
    Hs0.134830bCollagen, type VIII, α10.670.00731.93Down
    Hs0.233240Collagen, type VI, α32.170.00731.89Up
    Hs0.210283Collagen, type V, α11.770.00771.61Up
    Hs0.647231EGF-containing fibulin-like extracellular matrix protein 20.420.01001.11Up
Differentially expressed genes at 3 mo with TID
    Hs0.410037bConnective tissue growth factor−1.245.37e-612.47Up
    Hs0.302963Spondin 2, extracellular matrix protein1.432.11e-47.54Up
    Hs0.489142Collagen, type I, α22.970.00254.86Up
    Hs0.644998Twist homolog 1(Drosophila)0.750.00512.93Up
    Hs0.443625Collagen, type III, α12.880.00732.53Up
    Hs0.420269Collagen, type VI, α20.910.00912.21Up
    Hs0.104839bTIMP metallopeptidase inhibitor 20.560.01002.07Down
    Hs0.233240Collagen, type VI, α31.670.01401.32Up
    Hs0.210283Collagen, type V, α11.080.01401.14Up
    Hs0.482390bTransforming growth factor, β receptor III−0.580.01401.10Up
  • a The majority of the main EMT-associated genes were not significantly differentially expressed. These few significantly differentially expressed EMT/MET-associated genes represented only 11 and 15%, respectively, of overall gene expression and 8.1 and 6.3%, respectively, of the 173 EMT-associated genes in 1 and 3 mo TID samples. B > 1 and adjusted P < 0.05 are significantly differentially expressed. Fold change is log2 fold change in gene expression.

  • b Expression opposite to expected changes during EMT and therefore are unsupportive of programmed EMT in TID.