Table 4.

Multivariate analysis of variables associated with abdominal AoCS or aortic PWV (n = 66)

Variableβ CoefficientTP
Abdominal AoCSa
    serum albumin (g/L)−0.530−2.6610.0100
    gender (0, male; 1, female)−2.330−3.1880.0020
    bone activity (0, ABD; 1, active bone)−2.820−2.8010.0070
    bone/Ca interaction−0.130−2.0750.0400
    CaCO3 (g elemental Ca/d)2.7105.573<0.0001
    age (yr)0.1303.639<0.0010
    vintage (mo)0.0203.486<0.0010
Aortic PWV (m/s)b
    age (yr)0.0704.410<0.0001
    mean BP (mmHg)0.0201.7210.0900
    CaCO3 (g elemental Ca/d)1.0104.389<0.0001
    bone activity (0, ABD; 1, active bone)−1.130−2.2440.0300
    bone/Ca interaction−0.100−2.3460.0200
  • a Adjusted r2 for the model 0.8258; F ratio 45.01; P < 0.00001.

  • b Adjusted r2 for the model 0.7020; F ratio 31.61; P < 0.00001.