Table 1.

Age-adjusted baseline characteristics and dietary intake of men (Health Professionals Follow-up Study) in 1986 according to quintiles of DASH scorea

HPFSDASH Score Quintiles
Quintile 1Quintile 3Quintile 5
BMI (kg/m2)
History of hypertension (%)
History of diabetes (%)
Thiazide use (%)
    Dietary calcium (mg/d)647815934
    Supplemental calcium (mg/d)6189155
    Fluid (l/d)
    Oxalate (mg/d)153201254
    Potassium (mg/d)287034504063
    Magnesium (mg/d)291355424
    Vitamin C (mg/d)293427593
    Animal protein (g/d)686866
Components of DASH score
    Fruit (servings/d)
    Vegetables (servings/d)
    Nuts (servings/d)
    Sodium (mg/d)b376532392777
    Low-fat dairy (servings/d)
    Red and processed meats (servings/d)b1.31.00.6
    Whole grains (servings/d)
    Sweetened beverages (servings/d)b0.60.30.2
  • aValues are means unless otherwise indicated. Nutrient intakes are energy adjusted.

  • bIn constructing the DASH score, higher intakes received lower scores.