Table 3.

Age-adjusted baseline characteristics and dietary intake of younger women (Nurses' Health Study II) in 1991 according to quintiles of DASH scorea

NHS IIDASH Score Quintiles
Quintile 1Quintile 3Quintile 5
BMI (kg/m2)25.224.624.0
History of hypertension (%)
History of diabetes (%)
Thiazide use (%)
    Dietary calcium (mg/d)7259041031
    Supplemental calcium (mg/d)93129173
    Fluid (l/d)
    Oxalate (mg/d)134169219
    Potassium (mg/d)253929533366
    Magnesium (mg/d)259318378
    Vitamin C (mg/d)188259337
    Animal protein (g/d)636564
Components of DASH score
    Fruit (servings/d)
    Vegetables (servings/d)
    Nuts (servings/d)
    Sodium (mg/d)b222121572070
    Low-fat dairy (servings/d)
    Red and processed meats (servings/d)b1.00.80.5
    Whole grains (servings/d)
    Sweetened beverages (servings/d)b0.70.40.3
  • aValues are means unless otherwise indicated. Nutrient intakes are energy adjusted.

  • bIn constructing the DASH score, higher intakes received lower scores.