Table 2.

Association of rapid kidney function decline with CVD events in the elderly

ParameterNo Rapid DeclineRapid Decline
    rates (events/1000 patient-years)3042
    demographic adjusted HR1.00 (reference)1.40 (1.20 to 1.65)
    multivariate adjusted HR1.00 (reference)1.24 (1.05 to 1.46)
    rates (events/1000 patient-years)1624
    demographic adjusted HR1.00 (reference)1.53 (1.24 to 1.88)
    multivariate adjusted HR1.00 (reference)1.42 (1.14 to 1.76)
    rates (events/1000 patient-years)1722
    demographic adjusted HR1.00 (reference)1.29 (1.05 to 1.57)
    multivariate adjusted HR1.00 (reference)1.11 (0.89 to 1.37)
    rates (events/1000 patient-years)35
    demographic adjusted HR1.00 (reference)1.86 (1.12 to 3.08)
    multivariate adjusted HR1.00 (reference)1.67 (1.02 to 2.75)
  • Data are presented as HR (95% CI).

  • Demographic adjustment: Adjusted for age, gender, race, and average kidney function. Multivariate adjustment depends on outcomes: HF = SBP, DBP, hypertension medications, and diabetes; MI = SBP, DBP, hypertension medications, HDL, and diabetes; stroke = SBP, DBP hypertension medications, self-reported health, and diabetes; PAD = SBP, DBP, hypertension medications, diabetes, HDL, fibrinogen, and self-reported health.